About Us

OpenUpLongBeach.com/Political Action is a general purpose local political action committee (PAC) which helps voters elect candidates who reflect the values of an open, transparent and accessible local government. We also support or oppose local ballot measures after careful analysis of their impact on advancing open, transparent and accessible government.
OpenUpLongBeach.com/Political Action believes that voters have a legal and ethical right to know about what their local government is doing or not doing and why.
Our mission and goal are to support and defend the City’s “Campaign Reform Act”, passed by the voters in 1994:

A. To ensure that individuals and interest groups in Long Beach have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in municipal elective and governmental processes.
B. To reduce the influence of large contributors with a specific financial stake in matters before the City Council, thus countering the perception that decisions are influenced more by the size of contributions than the best interests of the people of the City.
C. To assist serious candidates in raising enough money to communicate their views and positions adequately to the public without excessive expenditures or contributions, thereby promoting public discussion of the important issues involved in political campaigns.
D. To limit overall expenditures in campaigns, thereby reducing the pressure on candidates to raise large campaign war chests for defensive purposes, beyond the amount necessary to communicate reasonably with voters.
E. To provide a neutral source of campaign financing in the form of limited public matching funds.
F. To increase the value to candidates of smaller contributions.
G. To eliminate fundraising except during an election cycle.
H. To reduce the excessive fundraising advantage of incumbents and thus encourage competition for elective office.
I. To allow candidates and officeholders to spend a lesser proportion of their time on fundraising and a greater proportion of their time dealing with issues of importance to their constituents.
J. To improve the disclosure of contribution sources in reasonable and effective ways.
K. To help restore public trust in local governmental and electoral institutions.
Contributions made to OpenUpLongBeach.com/Political Action are not tax deductible.

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