Monday, September 8, 2014

Long Beach Property Taxes/Spending, Etc. On line

English: An official image of California State...
English: An official image of California State Controller John Chiang (江俊輝) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It would have been nice if the City of Long Beach had used software like opengov to post its data. But no. Instead we must rely upon State Controller John Chiang to open up Long Beach and do the posting.

Check it out: and insert the City of Long Beach. Watch how property tax revenues have skyrocketed since 2003 yet the City still has fire stations without equipment, a reduced gang unit in the Police department and about 600 less police on the street.

This is an eye opener and one that I tried getting while on City Council.

Go Open and Transparent Long Beach! Because you have the right to know.

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