Sunday, January 19, 2014

Invited to Speak for Sunshine Week

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Logo of the United States White House, especially in conjunction with offices like the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunshine Week is a national event acknowledged in most big cities each March. The focus is how to make government more open, transparent and accountable.

Last year I was honored at The White House as one of seven "Champions of Change for Open Government" for my work at the City of Long Beach and on the California Medical Board.

I have been invited by the Coalition for Open Government in the State of Washington to be a keynote speaker at the Open Government Conference in March.

I am honored and hope that this election in Long Beach will see a new group of public officials who are committed to making our local government more open, transparent and accountable.

At the top of my list as the next Mayor, is to make certain the public knows who its City Council and Mayor are communicating with about official business. No more behind the scenes wheeling and dealing.
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