Thursday, July 17, 2014

FAA Taking Comments on Regulating Unmanned Model Aircraft

Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Adm...
Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Drone (Photo credit: Trotaparamos)

Before I left City Council I received several complaints from residents about unmanned small model aircraft flying over their homes and hovering over their backyards. I referred them to the Airport which indicated FAA has no jurisdiction over these new "drones." However, that may all change with the announcement that the FAA is taking comments on proposed regulations to deal with this new aviation threat.

Apparently realtors and others use these flying devices to take photos of properties remotely. So both Congress and now the FAA is stepping in to regulate model airplanes equipped with cameras video or fixed.

Check out the FAA call for comments link and add your two cents on the issue.

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