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Long Beach city government - Google News

Open Government - Google News

Check Out

Check out the website at This is an effort started by Steven Clift to engage citizens through on line tools.

I really like his concepts of establishing a citywide on line forum which citizens can use to engage and participate in meaningful discussion I am working on a 5th Council District on line forum that if successful could be used citywide. See what Clift has to say about this... Steven Clift: When you roll up your sleeves you can shape democracy from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

Good Start with Open Up Long Beach

We had a good start in launching Open Up Long Beach with our first meeting last week. Not only did residents attend but also our City Clerk, Larry Herrera and our Director of Technology Services, Curtis Tani were there to listen to residents' suggestions of how we can improve access to information about Long Beach.

Below are the notes taken as we brain stormed what is needed:
Website is an information tool and needs to be clearer and publicized
Why is it needed?
Loss of millions to cities (because of the end of RDA)
Residents need information to be easily available
Communication is needed between residents
Increase knowledge and involvement around local issues
Residents need data and background information – how can we focus and use information effectively?Need financial disclosures re: elections
Need public contract negotiations with an unbiased, independent negotiator
Source of campaign contributions to local officials
Open meetings

Public event info from one source

More openne…

Press Telegram Runs Story on Open Up Long Beach