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Why Mayor Garcia Won't Veto the Bad Ordinance on Office Holder Accounts

By the time this is published, the deadline to veto the recently passed office holder account ordinance will have passed and it will have become law.
The ordinance allows council members, the Mayor, City Prosecutor, City Attorney and City Auditor, to raise funds for their "office holder accounts" and then to contribute those funds to other political campaigns.
Mayor Robert Garcia should have vetoed this very bad law, but he didn't.
Here's why.
The voters of the City of Long Beach enacted campaign finance reform back in 1994 to try and stem the flow of special interest money into local elections and to "allow candidates and officeholders to spend a lesser proportion of their time on fund raising and a greater proportion of their time dealing with issues of importance to their constituents."
The Long Beach Campaign Reform Act was the brain-child of the Long Beach Area Citizens Involved (LBACI that also moved the City to form council districts instead of elec…

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